money talks

Meaning that money has influence.

1666 G. TORRIANO Italian Proverbs 179 Man prates, but gold speaks.

1681 A. BEHN Rover II. III. i. Money speaks in a Language all Nations understand.

1903 Saturday Evening Post 5 Sept. 12 When money talks it often merely remarks ‘Good-by’.

1915 WODEHOUSE Something Fresh iii. The whole story took on a different complexion for Joan. Money talks.

1984 A. BROOKNER Hotel du Lac (1985) xi. ‘At least I assume they are millionaires?’ ‘That is what they would like you to assume, certainly. And if money talks,..they are certainly making the right amount of noise.’

2002 Washington Post 15 Jan. E3 Why did all these people look the other way for so long? Money talks. Or, with Enron, shouts.

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